Friday, January 10

Cupcakes VS. Muffins: The Difference

It always puzzles me on the difference between cupcakes and muffins. The general rule of thumb people use are usually smaller cupcakes, bigger muffins. But it’s more than size.

So here goes the answer.

Cupcakes are basically miniature cakes. So cake flour is used, which results in lighter and softer texture. And mostly butter is used and cupcakes are 100% sweet.

But muffins can be either sweet or savory. All-purpose flour is used, so the texture is slightly denser. And vegetable oil is generally used.

The difference in procedure results in the different texture of batter between two. As for cupcakes, emulsion (incorporating oil and water) is very important and flour is mixed in the batter until smooth. But when making muffin, all the ingredients are roughly mixed.

And finally, the finishing touch. Cupcakes are normally served with frosting. But for muffins, no frosting.

That’s it. And I love both of them. Any more differences?

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