Friday, January 1

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[Appreciation Dinner]

Today marks the 3rd month KidzDash is in operation. In the strictest business sense, 3 months is considered very much in the infant stage and barely worth mentioning. But to me, it's has been a tremendous life changing and learning experience with the steepest of learning curve.

We did everything the hard way. We had no business contacts. We tried to source our suppliers from Malaysia thinking that we could profit from the preferable exchange rate difference compared to Singapore. But we failed to realize that there are so many other hidden costs along the way that would far outweigh the little exchange rate gain.

There was this instance where we somehow got lost on our way in Malaysia. The language barrier made things worse as we could speak no Malay despite the efforts made by this friendly uncle who gave directions in Malay. We finally made it to our supplier's location but at the cost of many hours wasted and a very 'thirsty' car. (our Honda drank quite a bit that day...)

We have since moved on to a better way of getting our supplies from a local supplier.

But nevertheless today my brother Elston and I are taking this opportunity a offer a meal of appreciation to our family from the small small profits we made over the past few months for they had supported KidzDash from the beginning.

A little early to be celebrating, many would criticize. Even my mum says so. But what i truly believe is that we need to give ourselves some form of reward no matter how small to spur us into moving further forward and reaching higher. And more importantly to give appreciation to those who helped us along the way. I have come across too many people going on the road of arrogance after achieving some success and forsake the ones who were there when they had nothing. That, is something i would be constantly be reminding myself not to evolve into.

Ken Ong is one of the first person i would like to extend my deepest appreciation to. The business had little to no direction in the beginning and he was to one who guided us to our mission and purpose of the KidzDash branding and perspective. In short, he simple pointed us the direction to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Kelly Lee is another person whom i am thankful to for giving me so much insight and little lessons on pricing and marketing strategies to adopt into the business.

Not forgetting my Sister Evon who was ever present on site to oversee the flow of our operations and always coming up with suggestions and ideas on how to position our cars for more visibility and effectiveness. My wife will give me a good earful if i don't say anything about her, but yes i thank my lovely wife for simply being there for me and taking care of our daughter who is also KidzDash's official kids model. Daddy loves you. :)

As the saying goes, "What comes easy won't last, and what last won't come easy."

I can't agree more.

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