Friday, January 8

Forex Trading Week 1

Ok here wraps up my forex trading week 1. I should say i am getting the hang of it and consider to have done alright i guess. Started first day initially at 0.01 per pip, i have started to add 0.10 per pip during mid week. Have learnt to always set my TP and SL. The 2 open trades are a stark reminder of what happens when the trade goes completely against my direction and i did not SL. Still holding on to those trades since day one...

Best trade of the week was my spotting of gbp/aud trade where i spotted correctly with the trend and TP at 46 pips. Made a loss with eur/chf of 22 pips, this was an auto SL and was glad i learnt my lesson during first few days of trading as this went the other direction. Otherwise i would be looking a massive loss.

Overall, it was a good week and an exciting one. Next week will be increasing my stakes. Wish me luck and foresight and wisdom... Cheers!

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