Monday, January 4

Monthly Savings & Expenses Dec 2015

I have always been tracking my expenses but as i never analysed them, it is as good as not tracking. Therefore since the start of Dec 2015 i chanced upon this lovely app called Monefy and decided to use it as my new tracking tool. I had previously used moneymanager and expensemanager but both not as engaging and user friendly as this one. 

Coming back to expense tracking, i can see that a good chunk of what i spend goes to gifts. Considering that it's Xmas month, i would say it's just a freak month. 
24/12/2015 Eating out -37,43 Menichi ramen
27/12/2015 Eating out -61,6 Dinner at mbs with jiu mu and cousins
30/12/2015 Eating out -9,05 Burger king
31/12/2015 Eating out -30 Steamboat with sokyum shuwen charmaine
31/12/2015 Eating out -48,7 Din tai feng
Close to $200 spent on eating out! Hmm...again...its year end. I can't help it....but definitely an area to cut down in January 2016

19/12/2015 House -44 Ntuc
23/12/2015 House -12 Ntuc
25/12/2015 House -39,9 Flour mixer
25/12/2015 House -59,9 Standing fan
31/12/2015 House -50 Aircon servicing
31/12/2015 House -8,8 Japan home
31/12/2015 House -35 Ntuc
Over $200 spent on House...This area i should work on bringing it down to less than $200. 

January 2016 is gonna be another testing month. Chinese New Year on the brink in Feb 2016. 
My $$$ will be severely tested. Let's see...


Coin Saving        $224.70
Balance Transfer $14.44
Lunch Treat        $28.00

Total                   $267.14


Coin Saving - Total amount banked in for 2015

Balance transfer - The dollar and cents transferred from my other banks to my Everything Savings Account.

Lunch Treat - New Year Eve gathering with Thomas and Jeffrey. Jeffrey insisted on treating us to lunch at Fish & Co. Had a good time catching up. Thanks for the treat man! I figured out it would probably cost each of us around $28.

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