Friday, April 29

Designs Come True With PrintNet

Any design that you have in mind, we will make it come true! With that motto, PrintNet, a Singaporean startup is here to provide YOU with the number choice for customizable, affordable and quality T-shirt printing.

Here's what they have been doing so far;

For You And Me Lah!

There’s no need for me to elaborate on this one is there? If you are a Singaporean and you don’t know Singlish, where have you been all these while!

For Love

A couple had this made for their bridesmaids, best man, brothers and sisters for their gatecrash event. I’m sure they had a smashing great time!

PrintNet has also been actively CONTRIBUTING to charity organizations as they believe in giving back to society.

Lymphoma Awareness – they sponsored the t-shirts as well as the printing services to create awareness for lymphoma (a type of blood cancer which occurs due to the abnormal behavior of white blood cells).

LovePal – they sponsored the t-shirts as well the printings services for the people at LovePal. This is a group of people who have come together to improve the living conditions of the less fortunate. Their next upcoming project is “Project Laos”.

For Saving The World

How cool it is to be a superhero!

The people at PrintNet based the designs on their favorite superheroes and each of the characters represent a member of the PrintNet family. Very innovative, i must say. 

"We are just saving the world one piece at a time, and also ink by ink lah." Said Alvis, Operation Excellence Manager at Printnet, when asked about what inspired the designs. He continued, "There's a hero in each and everyone of us, and what we are doing is just putting it down in print and wearing it proudly!"

For The Family

Printnet sent me a heart warming family themed t-shirt with the words 'Daddy', 'Mummy' and 'Chloe'. My first reaction was, "Awwww so sweeet"

Above are designs for other families that they have done. And I do very much agree with what they say about T-shirt printing being not just about the picture, it's about bonding as well. It can create bonds between families and friends.

T-shirt printing is available at the PrintNet's website printnetsg,com.  You can customise your t-shirt for just $11.50. Apart from t-shirt printing, they also do namecards, flyers and even canvas printing. 

But readers of Agedashi23cents will get 10 percent off by simply using the codePNTAGE23 to get this offer. 
So check them out today!

P.S. - There is no minimum order. :)

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