Wednesday, November 16

BREAKING NEWS! Sex of Baby 2 Revealed!

The night before our gynae visit was full of excitement and anticipation. We kept telling Chloe about the visit to the doctor and asking her opinion of whether she will have a little brother or sister. To which she gave mixed response of 'didi' (brother) and 'meimei' (sister).

The morning finally came and we were at the doctor's clinic. Chloe was in good mood and greeted our doctor enthusiastically. She was then looking at a photo on the wall with disbelief of her daddy and mummy with our Doctor Tho holding a baby in his arms supposedly to be herself. (That was 2 years ago. And in a few months time we will be going through the whole process of sleepless nights, diaper changing, milk feeding and of course the thought of holding our lovely baby overcomes all that)

With a few strokes of his magic wand, he announced, "It's a girl, 90% can confirm is a girl." Ok, here goes;

We're Gonna Have A Baby Girl!!!

Upon explaining the news to Chloe, she exclaimed in her cute voice saying, "it's a meimei not didi". Although my wife and I had been hoping for a boy, but we are just glad to have a healthy little girl. On a side note, all Chloe's clothes that were passed to my sister's baby can be passed back to Chloe's baby sister in a few months' time. More cost savings, definitely!

Coming to the topic of cost. This visit to the doctor set me back by $564. Which brings us to the realization that all the fees from consultation to delivery and hospital wards have increased dramatically from 2 years ago when we had Chloe. Here's what happened back then from my baby money tracker. A new one will be coming up shortly.

With that thought at the back of my mind, we proceeded with the day's celebration at our favourite Japanese restaurant and some shopping shopping!

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