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Monthly Savings & Expenses October 2016

Monthly Savings & Expenses October 2016

October being my birth month is usually the lowest point of the year for me. In the financial sense that is. But i am very proud to say that with my savings plan that i set out at the beginning of the year, it's not such a bad birthday month for me this time round.

Another exciting event this month was the arrival of my little niece. My Sis came up with a list of weird sounding names which none of us in the family liked. Rapheal? Angelfael? Anbrael? Castiel? Engel? Quacey? Although I have came across many fanciful names but I think sometimes it's better to go with something simpler when fanciful doesn't work. I will just call my niece Angel for now.

Here's how my October expenses and savings went.

Monthly Expenses October 2016


House ($258.05) - Groceries shopping and other household items make up this list.

Food & Eating Out ($392.10 - $144.33 = $247.77) - Daily meals and the weekends eating out. 30% of eating out is allocated as baby expenses.

Transport & Taxi ($110.00) - Monthly EZ Reload top up of $40 and a few taxi trips.

Bills ($313.00) - Personal insurance and a pair of new spectacles from Owndays. I must say this is probably the cheapest pair i bought in a long while. They only charge for the frame itself and the degree of your shortsightedness is not taken into consideration! I usually pay over $200 everytime i change to a new pair of specs.

Communication ($42.00) - My M1 bill that is still on the 3G plan with 12 GB of data.

Baby ($391.60 + $144.33 = $535.93) - The usual expenses on Chloe including packet milk, allowance, tidbits etc. Bought 4 packs of KCA on sale at Singapore Expo, probably gonna last 2 months or so before stocking up

Packet milk x421.60
KCA Diapers 44

Total  $391.60

Baby 2 ($217) - Second scan to check on the condition of our 2nd little one! Will only be able to tell the sex of him/her in Nov 2016

Financial Freedom

Everything Savings Account ($200.00) - This goes directly to the 'DO NOT TOUCH' account.

Long Term Savings

Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF ($100.00) - This one's for the long term but automation is the key. It's a 'Set and Forget' method.


Play ($211.50) - Gave myself a birthday treat at Holiday Inn with wife and daughter, bought myself some shoes as well as rented a car from Tribecar at an amazing low price of $22.50 for 5 hours to bring my family out for picnic. The great thing about Tribecar is that you only pay for what you need. Conventional rentals require you to rent for a full day at the price of anywhere between $80 to $160 and upwards. The rates at Tribecar is on an hourly basis of $2 to $6 depending on the timing and type of car.

You can check out their rates and location here. If you decide to sign up with them, you can use my link and we both get $15 credit.


Gifts ($167) - Playpan $159 for my little niece born on 17 October 2016.

Total Expenses for October 2016: $2,191.25
Monthly Savings October 2016

52 Weeks Increasing Money Challenge

$132.50 - Automation works like a charm! 5 weeks of $26.50! Yeah! There are many ways to save money, but i like this the most!

$0.00 - No balance this month. :(

Financial Freedom Jar
$200.00 - From the Do Not Touch account to the Do Not Touch account!

$0.00 - No sales this month. 

Total Saved for Sep 2016: $332.50
Total Saved Since Jan 2016: $3,430.00

Check out how i did in previous months here!

If you have other ways to save money, do let me know. Thanks. :)

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