Thursday, December 5

Xian Ding Wei (鲜定味) @ IMM Jurong East

Chanced upon this taiwanese express restaurant while shopping at imm and decided to give it a try as i suddenly had this craving for taiwanese food. Had been missing the streets where the whole stretch would be lined up with food of endless varieties.  

Back to Xian Ding Wei, i must say that it has a very cosy and homely feel to the setting of the restaurant.

The average cost of each set is in the range of $8 which includes some light dishes as appetiser, soup of the day, rice or porridge, and along with the main dish all served neatly in a small tray. Just top up an additional $1 for a drink of your choice.
After going through a long list of taiwan specialities, we settled for a set of steam pork and another set of hotpot chicken.
The verdict? Although we came with the intention for a taste of some of the local taiwanese food, we were pleasantly surprised that what we experienced was a delight of home cooked somewhat different from taiwan. 
In anycase, with our bellies filled we were ready to carry on with our shopping for the festive season.
The next time you are looking for some chinese fastfood with a feel of your mum's cooking. Head down to Xian Ding Wei @IMM

Xian Ding Wei (鲜定味) @ IMM Jurong East
2 Jurong East Street 21
IMM Building, Singapore
Tel: +65 6897 2636
Opening Hours: Daily, 11am – 9.30pm

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