Tuesday, May 10

How Early You Wished You Had Started Investing?

Gshock watch 20 years ago
I was with my mum at a coffee shop the other day having lunch. As we were chatting away, i look over to her wrist and to my astonishment, i saw an 'ancient' piece of...timepiece on my mum's wrist! It's a watch i wore a long long time ago. It must have been 20 years ago...gosh how time flies. 

Fragments of memories came gushing back to me. This was what happened. The watch was a gift from a friend of mine back in my schooling days. I believe the cost of this watch was in the region of $100 or higher, which was a big deal to me (we were still carrying pagers back then). I wore it for a couple of years...and then joined the work force...switched to wearing analog watches, you know those with the hour and minute hands. Because i thought wearing digital watches to work seemed childish. And the last memory I had of the watch was that i gave it to my brother... 

Ok, back to my mum;

Me: "Where did you find this watch? How did it end up on your hand?"
My Mum: "Found it in the drawer then see can wear i wear lor"
Me: "You know this watch was mine about 20 years ago? It is still working?"
My Mum: "Just find people change the battery can work liao mah, aiyoh"  

I can only stare at her in amazement!

How Early I Wished I Had Started Investing?

This mini episode of my 20 year old watch got me thinking. This G-shock watch is a really good product! The company that made this watch must be a good company! Is it a listed company? I went on and did a quick check on Google and Bloomberg. Casio Computer Co Ltd is the company behind G-shock watches and is listed in the US and Tokyo stock market. 

investing in casio computer 20 years ago

investing in casio computer 20 years ago
The price of Casio Computer is currently trading at around 2,000 jpy. Bloomberg only shows historical prices up to 5 year back and 5 years ago, Casio was only trading at around 500 jpy! That's about a good 300 percent increase! I was lazy to find out what the price was like 20 years ago but just this 5 year period has shown that a good company will only keep increasing its value over time. 

I have read articles about how people who sold their Apple shares 20 years for just a few hundred dollars profit could be millionaires if they had held on to their Apple shares. 

And as Warren Buffett puts it. "There are only two times you need to invest in your life. The first time was 10 years ago. The second time is now." 

I missed the first time to invest but the second time i am not gonna miss. Starting with my saving plans, index investing and forex investing, i hope i am still not too late to hop onto the financial freedom ship. 


  1. Tell this to those who have invested earlier in 2007.

  2. I think you meant 300% increase instead of 20% increase. trading price from 500 jpy to 2000 jpy.

    1. Hi Brandon, thanks for spotting the error. I must've been too caught up with the number 20...