Wednesday, May 18

Stay Away From This Exercise

It's mid month! Whatever exercise you have been doing, hope it's not related to running...out of money. ;)

Saw an interesting photo while browsing the internet and i thought i'll just share it, but the message is loud and clear. Yup, payday is still some way to go and looking at your wallet...there's just enough to get by if you don't spend anymore. 'Gosh! Shouldn't have spent on that expensive watch.' 'Arrgh what a jerk I am for trying to act hero and paid for that round of drinks the other night.'

Does all that sound familiar to you? If we haven't had the habit of paying ourselves first either by saving or budgeting, we will probably find ourselves in this situation, "Running out of money". If that's the case for you, it's time to save some money starting from your next pay cheque. You can join me on my money challenges if you wish to, but the best way to save money is to actually start saving some. Cheers :)

PS: Stay away from this running out of money exercise.

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