Friday, February 12

5 Things I would not do if i win the 12 million TOTO

Inspired by my favourite blogger who blogged about 10 things he wouldn't do if he won the USD 900 million powerball draw on 19th January 2016 in US, i decided to do up a list of 5 things i would not do should i win Singapore's yearly Chinese New Year grand TOTO draw. This year,
the amount up for grab is SGD 12 million! 

Here are 5 things i would NOT do if i win the TOTO!

  1. Not hire a fund or financial manager to manage my money for investments and savings. (I have never handled so much money and too many reports showing how people blow up their winnings within months.)
  2. Tell everyone and announce to the whole world. It's good to share the joy but i would also be inviting trouble if kidnappers come along or strangers making friends with me. In time to come, people might know but that's about it. If you know, you know. 
  3. Spend it on luxury cars or property. Maybe just a normal car for transport and pay up the mortgage plus some small gifts for parents, family and close friends.  
  4. Spend any money until after say 6 months or so. Impulsive buying is always wrong and waiting lets the hype die down on me. 
  5. Forget less fortunate people in the society. Deeply touched by what Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook did upon delivery of his child. Giving away most of his facebook shares worth over USD 900 million to charity. That's unbelievable!   
As i was thinking about all that money, i decided to look around the internet and see what are the most expensive or most common things that Singaporean do or buy with money on their hands.

What you could buy or do with S$12 million in Singapore!

162,162 1 Day Trips to Universal Studios Singapore

@ S$74 per Adult
153,846 cycles on The Singapore Flyer

@ S$78 for family of 3 (2 adults 1 child)
12 Ferraris with COE

@ S$900,000 each
800,000 sets of extra value meal with Hello Kitty
plush toy at McDonald's

@ S$15 each
12,257 nights at Marina Bay Sands Singapore
luxurious suite

@ S$979 per night (the most expensive one)

UPDATE 18 Feb 2016 - Prize winnings have been increased to S$13.9 million! It could go higher depending on the total number of people buying. 
Source: Straitstimes

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