Wednesday, February 24

Travel Smart Rewards

Travel Smart Rewards

Do you take the MRT to work or play from Monday to Friday? If you do, this is one money making
thingy you absolutely must sign up for! This is a program that encourages commuters to travel a different timings in the morning so as to avoid congesting.
"You will automatically earn 1 point for every 1 kilometre you travel on the train all day during a weekday, Monday through Friday. Weekend and bus travel does not count." Decongesting hours are between 6:15 - 7:15am and 8:45 - 9:45am. -

To put it simply, you earn points for every km you travel but bonus points if you take during the decongesting hours. The points are added up every week and being used to spin a wheel where you get a chance to earn from $1 to $50. (I have won $53 to date). You can redeem the money from the auto top up machines anywhere in Singapore!

It doesn't take any effort and all you have to do is carry on with your daily MRT trips. So why not?

Faster go to and register now!

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