Tuesday, February 2

Monthly Savings & Expenses Jan 2016

Monthly Expenses Jan 2016

It's the 2nd month of my aggressive savings
grand plan! Let's see how i did for this month.

House - $363.80 (26%)
01/01/2016 House -200 Bills
01/01/2016 House -10.9 Shampoo
12/01/2016 House -20 Daiso
15/01/2016 House -20.4 Ntuc
22/01/2016 House -60 Ntuc
24/01/2016 House -20 Guardian
25/01/2016 House -18 Ntuc
28/01/2016 House -14.5 Expensive chips
Pretty much every dollar spent on everything and every trip to the supermarket goes into this account. A funny misunderstanding between me and my wife broke out regarding the expensive bag of chips. After paying for it, i casually asked, "What's so great about this that it cost so much? Is it really that good for baby?" My wife replied that it's not for baby! It's just some chips that she bought for us to try out! What! I was all the while thinking that it was some nutritious stuff for Chloe. Arrghh that's me paying without knowing again.....ok where is the bag of expensive chips now?

Baby - $269.35 (19%)
01/01/2016 Baby -38.00 Chloe see doctor
01/01/2016 Baby -8.00 Baby wipes
02/01/2016 Baby -15.00 Dutch lady milk 110mL x 12 x 4packets
16/01/2016 Baby -24.00 Breastpads 3x8dollars
16/01/2016 Baby -21.00 Apple melts 3x7 dollars
18/01/2016 Baby -100.00 Ingredients for baby porridge
22/01/2016 Baby -15.00 Dutch lady milk 110mL x 12 x 4packets
24/01/2016 Baby -9.90 Drynights 34pc pack
24/01/2016 Baby -2.00 Diaper wetwipes
24/01/2016 Baby -10.20 Lacteol forte for diarrhoea
25/01/2016 Baby -26.25 Drynights 34pc pack 3x 8.75
I am trying to work out a better way to update this section as it is increasingly difficult to ascertain what items are directly associated with baby costs as she eats the same stuff as us, uses the same stuffs as us. It's complicated. 

Eating Out - $238.17 (17%), Entertainment - $31 (2%)

The number 1 enemy for savings, i can throw out all my money saving plans if i don't work on reducing this enemy.  

Food - $209.45 (15%)

It's amazing how i spend less on food than other stuffs. It's probably due to the low cost of food at my work place. Interestingly, looking at my 'eating out' costs, it can support me for an entire month if i don't eat out. 

Gifts - $94 (7%)
Presents for Clara's 1st birthday and Ah Lan's 4th birthday. Had a great time at both celebrations.


Monthly Savings Jan 2016

15/01/2016 Savings  $    26.50 52 weeks
22/01/2016 Savings  $    26.50 52 weeks
29/01/2016 Savings  $    26.50 52 weeks
01/01/2016 Savings  $    26.50 52weeks 
08/01/2016 Savings  $    26.50 52weeks 
Ever since i place this in auto transfer mode, i have no worries about the amount i have to put in as it will always point towards my goal of $1378 at the end of the year. 

04/01/2016 Savings 1.54 Balance transfer ocbc
08/01/2016 Savings 0.80 Balance transfer ocbc
18/01/2016 Savings 9.54 Balance transfer ocbc
04/01/2016 Savings 8.40 Balance transfer uob
18/01/2016 Savings 2.02 Balance transfer uob
25/01/2016 Savings 0.50 Bank transfer ocbc 
25/01/2016 Savings 5.25 Bank transfer uob
04/01/2016 Savings 0.01 Interest received
31/01/2016 Savings 0.02 Interest received
The power of 1 + 1 really works here! A little here and there adds up to $28.08 saved! 

Bills - Bank charge
31/01/2016 Bills -2.00 Bank charge
Bank charges of $2 charged for the fall below $500 amount deposited. Feb will surely see my deposit balance soar over $500 so this is definitely the last time i am seeing this. 

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